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Start Your Lawn Overhaul From the Ground Up

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Once you've cut down a tree, you're left with a stump in the middle of your yard, which is less than ideal. Enlist help from Aerial Tree Service, LLC for stump removal service in Anthony & Ocala, FL. You can opt for our stump grinding or tree removal service separately, or we can remove a tree and the stump together. Your yard will look cleaner and more polished without stumps cluttering the space.

Is your yard cluttered with tree stumps? Call us today to schedule your stump removal service.

Why should you call a professional for stump removal work?

Cutting down a tree is just half the battle when it comes to tree removal. If you don't remove the stump completely, you run the risk of:

  • Tree rot-water can build up within the tree stump and cause mold growth or attract insects.
  • Wasting space-leaving tree stumps behind will waste space in your yard and inhibit future landscaping projects.
  • Injury-tree stumps are a major safety hazard in your front yard.

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