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Get Started With Your Tree Removal Project in Anthony and Ocala, FL

Clear unwanted foliage from your yard

Trees are a beautiful addition to your landscape. However, every once in a while, a tree needs to be removed. Aerial Tree Service, LLC in Anthony & Ocala, Florida offers tree removal services. We will clear your yard of any unwanted trees or shrubs and grind the stumps to remove trees completely.

You can trust our team to remove any tree you'd like, no matter its size or type. We'll bring all the equipment to handle the tree removal project in a safe, efficient way.

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3 reasons why you should remove a tree

While tree removal isn't always ideal, there are several times when it's necessary. You should consider removing a tree when it is:

1. Dying or unhealthy
2. Damaged or broken
3. Near power lines or buildings

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